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Article On The Timing Of Events With Site Build It

Firstly let me say that I think Site Build It, it rocks. When I started on this journey, that I am still on, I started reading everything about mail marketing, web marketing etc etc. I had already been ripped off with the developers of my first site so I was not going to let that happen again. But then I was shown SBI and I have not looked back.

However, there are ways that you can make you use of SBI better, not by using something else, not by not reading the manual, which you should do about 5 times. (The devil is in the detail!!), but if this is your first site then you can maximize your SBI investment with timing. Why, well when you start you are probably going to go through stages, reading the manual, research, writing, reading, putting up pages, adding links etc etc, it is at this stage, prior to monitorising your site that timing is everything to maximize what site build it does for you and what you can do for yourself FREE. Here is the timing.

Buy site build it and stop reading any other web marketing stuff
Read the manual
Re-read the manual
Do the Brain thing
Document everything
Write loads of copy
Start putting the copy up
When you get to 40 pages
Become a Zealot (See Hints and Tips at Site Central)
Start doing the mini hum thing
Ask for a DMOZ listing
Write some articles and send them off
Apply for Google Adesense
Get as many links as you can
Then Monitorise your site with Google
Then add your newsletter stuff
Then add your affiliate links.
Now read all the other SBI products
(keep re-reading the manual)

OK, OK now you are asking why that order. Well a lot of it is covered in the manual so a lot of it I will just glance over, but the middle bit I will dwell on. Now I am supposing you want the best results for the cheapest price – right.

OK If you are new to this you probably either want to put up loads of content or a sales page. If you read the manual you will see the content must come first, content, content and more content.

Now I presume you have bought your site, you have done the brainstorm thing and got everything in hand, you have loads of content. OK now you have built the site to about 30 to 40 pages, make sure they are spell check, linked and look good.

Now go off and become a Zealot. Details are on the tip and hint’s site build it site. Just go to the site and do the quiz, if you fail do it again, if you fail read the answers and keep going until you pass, one you do then put forward you site.

Now why do things in this order, because as soon as you have put up any adds or a few links to affiliates the webmasters they deem you as a commercial website and say you have to pay. If you have no ads etc, then you get in if you have a good content site.

Now do not just put up you main page, put up every page in every section you can. Try doing three pages a day until you start getting the replies back saying you have been accepted.

Now do the same things with DMOZ

(News just in – Value Exchange started Excellent – I got an email prior to Ken's Newsletter so I went straight in and so far I have got three ‘good’ links)

Now build your E-bay page and link to your site from that – see details in MYNAS at Site Central Hints and Tip’s

Now apply for Google Adsense, follow the instructions at site build it. Again if you do this in this order you will avoid not getting onto Adsense because you are already advertising one of their clients. Just one of the things that can fail you.

OK now go for the mini hubs that are also in the tips and hints.

OK, now that has probably taken a bit of time and during that time Site Build It, your new links and other work have probably now got you up in the Alexa rankings, now is time to add your Newsletter forms, your Google Adsense code and start the work on the affiliates site.

I hope that this helps, as the man said ‘It’s all in the timing’.

About the author:
George Slater

George Slater is an SBI Webmaster and can help you generate massive amounts of traffic to your site that can then be turned into paying clients.

Tel +61 8 9291 7343
©George Slater

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