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Free One Way Links

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Website designing is one thing, publicizing it is other. There are so many WebPages with good quality content, which are never read by the appropriate people because of low rankings and unattractive features.

One of the most important factors in getting your web site highly ranked in the search engine indexes is building links. Links is one of the most important ways that Google and the other search engines determine the importance and ranking of your site.

Link building is the backbone of the internet. Everybody wants to have as many free one way links as possible. There are many reasons why a website will survive and flourish, and also a lot of reason why your website might die a premature death and have no visitors.

Links are just hypertext of a web site's address that is posted on other sites. The way Google determines how important your site is and how it will rank in the search engine rankings is to see how many other people link to your web site and the importance of these web sites that link to you.

There are a few key tips so that your site comes in more views and attracts more visitors:

1) Keep homepage easy and simple

Home page should be looking like the center of the site from where, a visitor can go anywhere in easy steps of clicks.

2) Links

There should be links on your home page so that every visitor finds it very easy to reach directly any section he wants. Never put other sites link with those otherwise your visitor can be diverted from you site.

3) Search Engine Optimization

Even A perfect Website cannot get enough visitors, until it is not related to the big Internet linkage system. Most of the visitors come to your site by the search engines or the ads you provide on others sites.

Different ways to get free one way link are:

1) WEB DIRECTORIES: You can submit your link to directories and get good one-way links but don't forget to put your keywords in the title. For example

2) ARTICLE DIRECTORIES: By submitting articles across the internet with relevant links you can gain some very effective links to your site. For example and many others

3) CREATE A BLOG: You could post anything - your thoughts, articles, or affiliate program reviews, for example, but make sure you include a link to your site in the links section, and at the end of each post if appropriate. for example

4) LEAVE COMMENTS ON BLOGS: Leave legitimate comments, and make it look like you actually have something to contribute.

5) POST ON FORUMS: You won't get a great deal of benefit in terms of page rank, as most forums do not have a high page rank for their threads, but you will build up a good number of links.

6) WRITE TESTIMONIALS: By writing and submitting testimonials to websites that you have previously purchased products or services from, you can get high-quality links to your site, often from the home pages of the sites in question.

Benefits of free one way links:

- Cause your website to be indexed and crawled by search engines
- Increase your visitors from strategic placement of your website link
- Increase your overall search engine position for keywords or phrases
- Increase brand awareness for your name or business name

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