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How To Get Free Traffic by Giving Away Free Expert Content

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Pose as an expert in your industry. Research your area of expertise. Ask questions of those who pose as experts, if you have any. They will be more than happy to oblige. Write articles on your topic of choice on a regular basis. You can post your articles in a newsletter, on a blog and in free content databases. Make sure you have a great bio at the end of all your articles so your readers know who wrote the article. In your bio you should have your full name, expertise, email address and website links.

Why it is important to give free content first. You need to gain your readers and prospect’s trust. In order to do so, you should offer them something for free. Free content is a great way to market yourself and your business. People are always willing to take something for free. Many businesses thrive on giving first-time customers free products because they know they will most likely become lifelong customers.

Write a compelling article and post it to directories. Web readers are quick to lose interest in anything. When you write an article for the web, it must be short – approximately 500 words in length. You also want to use headers, bullets and anything else to separate different parts of the article. This makes it easier for the reader to scan your article, which is usually what web readers do. If it’s too long or not scanable, they’ll simply click to another website.

Contact Relevant Sites. Network with other websites that are relevant with your expertise and ask for a link exchange. This is free! A lot of website owners will be happy to post your link in return for their link on your website.

Post your article to FREE content sites:

While giving away free content might not sound like a smart business decision at first, remember, people come online looking for information and the sites that can provide it stand the best chance of securing their business.

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