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Top 10 Ways to Promote your Products-Services

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As we all know Internet has grown in popularity and has enabled many businesses to sustain in some of the most competitive environments through effective internet marketing.

Internet marketing is an art and a potent weapon if used in the right way. Most of the online businesses are either selling a product or a service. Effective MLM or Internet marketing can drive the required traffic and covert visitors into customers.

There are many ways to sell you products or services online but we will talk about the top 10 ways to promote your products or service online.

The first and the most important thing is formulating a business strategy. Without an effective business strategy, you will be able to run your business but at the end it will die a slow death because there is far too much competition out there.

Another important thing is that in the initial phases, you will be working on a shoe-string budget and this is one factor that needs to be incorporated while formulating the MLM or internet marketing strategies.




  1. So the first thing is to get your website online. The content, the product descriptions and the services being offered have to be keyword driven. This means that if you are selling fitness products, then your homepage and other pages need to have keywords like fitness products, fitness equipments, fitness, etc so that it’s easier for the search engines to pull up your page. On the other hand, you need to keep in mind that there should not be an overdose of keywords.



  2. You need to list your business in all possible free listing directories. This is an easy and cost effective way of Internet marketing. Most of the directories are capable of directing heavy traffic to your website and can help increase your page ranking in Google.



  3. Online submission in forums is extremely effective. You can submit your URL in a relevant forum so that people can click on it and be directed to your website.



  4. Blogs are another free method of reaching out to your probable customer and helps direct traffic to your website. All you need to do is create a product blog and upload it in relevant blog sites.



  5. Linking: Adding your links on other websites is extremely useful. If you want to add a link free then there are two options. Either you can add the link in forums or blogs or you can barter with another website.



  6. The sixth way of promoting your product is cross linking. You can add your website link on another website and in return add their link on your website. Traffic coming to the other website can be directed to your website.



  7. Online Press Release are another great avenue of driving traffic to your website or promoting your services or products.



  8. Newsletters: There are a few directories like where you can submit your product or services newsletter and this is free of charge.



  9. Social Networks: Social networks like Yahoo Groups, myspace or hi5 are great places through which you can get a lot of traffic. You have to just sell your services or products using soft selling techniques.



  10. Article writing is another way of exploring the Internet marketing possibilities without paying a dime. There are many websites where you can submit your article with your website url.




Azlan Kasim leads and coaches a team of online entrepreneurs

He dedicates a hour each morning to strategise and plan his business and a hour at night for self-evaluation and criticism. His motto is simply this "If I am what I was yesterday, then today is lost".

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