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MLM Success - Looking In All The Wrong Places

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You want to be successful in your network marketing (MLM) business. What will be the critical component in accomplishing this? The typical answers are:

-The quality of your company’s products
-The strength of your upline
-An excellent compensation plan
-The strength of your downline
-Your marketing strategy

Each one can be a significant factor. However, you must never forget that it is your business, which reveals the most critical component - YOU!

No company or product can make you successful; no sophisticated marketing or affiliate program can either. None of these can make you into a success; you must make yourself.

Napolean Hill interviewed scores of successful and famous people almost 100 years ago. In Think and Grow Rich, Hill observed that at the core of these people’s achievements was a definite and dominating desire to reach their dreams and goals. Their genius was not found in their intelligence, but in their commitment and desire.

Many, if not most in MLM are hoping that some company, program or strategy will rescue them from mediocrity. Searching for solutions outside of yourself is looking in the wrong place. Solutions in success are always found inside.

The development of YOU is your most important program and business. The following are ways to accomplish this:

-Create an image of who you want to be; make it your dominating desire
-Develop an educational program toward it
-Find a mentor to guide you toward it

You will only be as successful as your knowledge and character allow. You can’t hide behind any quick fixes or “hot” programs. Your business will go only as far as you do.

Make yourself into the network marketing leader that you would want to follow yourself. It’ll mean long and hard work. The results? Your most critical resource and your best tool will be YOU!

Philip Bourdon developed his love for writing and communication during almost 20 years serving as a Pastor. His desire is to equip network marketers in reaching their dreams. He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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