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Why Most People Fail In MLM

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Here, (in my opinion) are the 2 reasons MLM Has a 95%-97% Failure Rate

1. The individual participating in the MLM business opportunity must take responsibility for there own success or failure?

I mean give me a break, how can you honestly join an opportunity, do nothing, drop out, and then say that it was a scam? Don't get me wrong, there is definitely a lot of crap out there but I would argue that the vast majority of us who participate in these programs enter with the best of intentions and then quickly get discouraged and drop out...even when the company itself is very legitimate

2. While the previous statement is very true, I think that the biggest reason that virtually no-one ever makes any money in MLM's is because the people running the companies have absolutely ZERO understanding of how to make things easy for people to duplicate.

And we all know that... DUPLICATION (or should I say "replication) IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS IN OUR INDUSTRY

Many of you may have a real problem with my #2 reason...well tough cookies. If you want to debate me on Larry King I will be happy to do so.

The problem is that most people that are interested in MLM Opportunities are interested in:


When People have to chase down prospects, figure out how to market/advertise on their own,

bother friends and family, follow up like car salesmen have to, etc.... then the opportunity becomes a second JOB! And what's worse... It's a second job that is costing people money every month just to take part in.

That's a pretty crappy JOB if you ask me. I can already hear the Old-School “Heavy-Hitters" saying "If you treat it like a business then it'll pay you like a business"

But who ever said the business had to be complicated? (Apparently the higher ups inthe Network Marketing Companies think it has to be complicated to make any money)

Having to continually cold-call leads, and 3-waying to our up-line, (not to mention needing to have a PhD just to understand a stupid compensation plan) is NOT SIMPLE or EASY

I will talk about the solution later; but for now lets just understand that the easier the entire endeavor is, the more success we all will experience

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