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The Art of Search Engine Optimization-Creating an Internet Marketing Masterpiece

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Is search engine optimization an art form? I think that in the final analysis of what we do to achieve top ratings on Google for a website url that it certainly would be. Looking closer at the details of this work, we discover a pattern of thinking and ideas that mold itself into the final product of a top position on a keyword phrase of our choosing. The process of taking a website and adding all the necessary elements that the search engine spiders are seeking is a never ending process. One never reaches the point where they say it is done. The internet is a constantly flowing entity. It changes from second to second and as people are striving for cherished positions, they must be in that flowing mode as well. The act that search engine optimization specialist follow is called testing. The testing process never reaches a point where it is no longer needed.

In order to have an effective website there are rudimentary elements that must work together. The bottom line is that Google is looking to put the websites with the best and most original content in the top slots. It would appear that the people that are able to snap in to this mode of thought are the ones that come away with the internet marketing prize.

Too many people simply are not focused enough on the journey and are concerned with the final objectives of making money. While money is an issue and probably always will be, it should not be the entire focus of the thought process. We must think of the journey. We must consider our objectives carefully in molding the perfect SEO campaign and then pursue that objective daily. Most seem to think that internet marketing must be really simple. I disagree. I think that it deserves attention to the minutest of details and the process of looking past so called failures that will ultimately lead to the desired result of success.

In the beginning stages of the successful SEO campaign we must do constant keyword research. This is not the simple task that one might think. It requires intensive visualization of what is required, then the act of using the tools and systems to find pertinent information to place that website url into a high traffic area for maximum results. This is not an instantaneous process. There is no piece of automated software that will do this work for you. It must be done consistently and daily to achieve the maximum results of top search engine placement positions.

You might think that in order for this to be accomplished you will need to be a geek or guru, but in fact average people when given the proper tools and systems can do very well at this. Though many self-professed internet marketing gurus might lead people to think that they are the only ones with this magical ability, it is not the truth.

Basically a person needs very little technical knowledge to accomplish the goal of top positioning on search engines. If you can write, then you can become successful on the internet. There is one other basic idea some seem not to be aware of. Successful search engine placement of a website is not an area that can be effectively bought. As a matter of fact marketing successfully on the internet requires very little money. Even though the internet marketing legends may tell you that their thousands of dollars program is needed, it is not. You have wonderful tools and systems available to you for absolutely no charge that work like magic in the area of nailing a top spot on Google. The simple fact is that most people are simply too lazy to use these organic positioning tools.

In this day and time of automation and quick results, I think that we overlook the work ethics that have made this country the best in the world to live and work in. The keyword here for today is work! There is no substitute for it on the net or in real life. You can have the most expensive set of tools on the planet, but unless you actually unpack those tools from the tool box and begin to use them, you will not be able to fix anything at all. This parody goes right with the internet. You can sign for all kinds of programs, probably programs that you don't even know that you have stored on your pc, but unless you fully utilize those programs they will not work.

Butch Hamilton is an SEO|SEM Specialist. Living on the internet has become a way of life...a successful way of life. His talents for obtaining top positions on the search engines have led him to the point in his life where he has always wanted to be.

Says Mr. Hamilton, "Writing has always been my passion. Gone are the days when I placed blatant ads on the internet for exposure. I have found my life's work in writing articles.

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