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Search Engine Advertising 101

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Once you have become a network marketing business owner, you will find yourself in the same position as others on the internet - getting the word out. It will not matter how great your website looks, or how fantastic your product or service is if no one knows your site exists. One of the main ways to get a high volume of traffic to your site is by taking advantage of search engine advertising, both through pay-per-click search results, and natural search results.

One of the ways many network marketing professionals have found success in advertising on search engines is through the use of pay-per-click advertising. Pay-per-click advertising involves a third party showing your ad on their site in return for you paying them a pre-determined amount every time a visitor from their site clicks on your ad.

The main benefit of pay-per-click advertising is the very targeted traffic you can generate. When you setup an ad campaign, you specify the exact keywords you want to use for any given ad, thereby ensuring the traffic or clicks are really looking for what you have to offer. The process also requires you to specify how much you are willing to bid for each keyword that you choose to apply to your ad campaign. Of course the better you are at creating your ad campaign and using appropriate keywords, the better the results.

On the downside, pay-per-click advertising is a widely used advertising method, thus increasing the bidding competitiveness for quality keyword search terms. The end result is higher and higher per click prices. You must have a good idea of the conversion percentages your site provides in order to be able to determine how much you can afford to pay while still leaving you with a profit.

Another method of advertising your network marketing business using the power and reach of search engines is through natural search results. A natural search result is when information about your website comes up in the search engine results in the unpaid or “natural” section of the search results. The only way for this to happen is if your site is found by the search engine to be highly relevant to the keywords used in the search. There is an entire technical science behind optimizing your website to achieve high ranking natural search engine results. The technical term for this is called search engine optimization or SEO for short. There are people and business that specialize just in SEO as it is a very technical and specialized practice.

One way to create a high ranking natural search result website is to design your site around the information sought after by the search engine spiders. There once was a time when having sufficient keywords listed in meta tags would draw their attention, but the number of hits to websites with erroneous information led search engine developers to train their spiders to look for only good information. Many times in the past, a search would turn up websites with totally unrelated information based on keywords alone.

Today’s spiders also search for titles of web pages that relate to the search terms as well as quality information about the search terms. Your web pages should have quality text that provides information for which the person is looking, and not only on the index page. The meta tags, as well as quality textual information should appear on every page of your site where you want search spiders to look.

Getting your site noticed by potential customers when they perform an internet search for keywords that apply to your website is the key to generating a high volume of consistent traffic. Once you can figure out a way to accomplish this, you will be well on your way to success.

Tom Childs holds an MBA from the University at Buffalo and is involved with several highly successful network marketing businesses.

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