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Pixel Advertising:Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Pixel advertising is fast becoming all the rage with new pixel advertising website pages appearing on a daily basis.

So what is pixel advertising and how did it all come about.

The original idea seems to have been started a few months ago by a British student named Alex Tew who was trying to find a way to make an online income and help pay his way through college.

He decided that if you were to divide a web page into a grid formation, consisting of 100 pixels per square, it may be possible to offer advertisers a choice of purchasing any amount of these grid squares and in return they could upload an image or banner and advertise their individual sites.

He set his pricing at $1 per pixel, which equated to $100 per grid square and in total meant that his web page, that consisted of a one million pixel grid, would be worth one million dollars if all available pixels were sold.

Well the idea was innovative and after starting to sell some of his advertising space to friends and colleagues the idea really started to spread and capture the imagination of the Internet world. From this initial start things really started moving fast and traffic to his site began to build at a tremendous pace. It wasn’t long then until the news and media became aware of what had become a phenomena and this news coverage really started the ball rolling.

Approximately three to four months after starting his pixel advertising website he has now sold over $800,000 worth of advertising and has nearly reached his initial goal of producing a one million dollar homepage.

It really does pay to advertise.

For free pixel advertising of your website visit:

This is a brand new pixel website so all the prime positions are still available to the early birds.

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