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Adwords Advice For Amateurs

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Knowing about AdWords can provide you a profitable means of increasing your income. Adwords is a fast and easy way to pay for highly targeted cost per click advertising. Before you think about applying it to an internet marketing scheme, it is a good idea to know something about the basics. Keywords are an important part of the AdWords formula. AdWords are the words you use to focus in on your desired customer.

Generally they work like this. If you were selling golf shirts over the internet you would want to target your Ads directly for that product. Therefore you would choose key words that had the words golf shirts, golf apparel, sports apparel etc. From there you might offer other companion golf items to sell, such as balls, tees, gloves, hats etc. By keying your words specifically toward the items you are selling there is no trial and error involved. Your ads reach the type of customer you are trying to attract.

You are required to pay a specified amount for these AdWords. One of the pitfalls of paying for AdWords is, if you're not familiar with the system it is easy to lose money. Therefore, it is a good idea to learn about keyword selection. There are keyword selector tools you can find on the search engines. With these tools you can look for relevant keywords and find out approximately how often they're used each month. Some of these tools will also give you demand and supply for each keyword and its relative popularity.

Popularity is measured by dividing demand by supply. Usually, the higher the demand and the shorter the supply, the better. This combination will give you a good popularity figure, because competition for that word is not as high. This is important in searching for relative keywords. Bear in mind, because a keyword has a very high demand, does not necessarily mean it's good. Often, these words have reached a level of saturation. Here are three ways in which keywords can benefit you:

  • Ads will be directed toward specific people who are searching for your product.



  • You will not be dealing with the masses, most of whom, have no intention of buying from you anyway.



  • If you proceed cautiously and know what you're doing, you can realize a nice return on your investment.


AdWords campaigns based on the pay per click method can be a very effective means to bring targeted traffic to your website. All the major search engines offer this type of advertising. This allows internet marketers a resource to bring in highly specified and desirable visitors to their website. Additionally, you only pay for AdWords when someone clicks through to your site. This has the benefit of you paying only when your advertising works.

Another benefit of AdWords is, you can have you ads up and running in a short time. Normally, if you go through the search engines you can wait months before you are spidered and indexed. AdWords will let you know quickly how your targeted products are doing, and which ones are most effective for you.

As with any spending priority you undertake, it is important to consider a budget.. If you plan to run several campaigns at once work up a separate budget for each one. You will have to take into account the amount you are willing to spend and the size of the audience you are hoping to appeal too. Your best bet is to probably start with one small campaign to get your feet wet. Though it might look tempting to launch a serious AdWords campaign, remember, you can lose a lot of money quickly.

Proceed with caution. It's probably a good idea to work with keywords for awhile until you get a feel for them. Also practice writing titles and copy for your AdWords before you think of going live. Looking at what others do, especially those at the top of the page, can be of great benefit. Good luck.

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