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How to Improve Business Communication with Web Conferencing

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You’ve heard about web conferencing, the technology that makes possible real-time meetings between people over the Internet. And you’re interested in applying it for your international business powwows. It’s time for you to fully understand the communication capabilities of web conferencing so you can more fully harness its potential.

It’s clear that web conferencing applications have come a long way from their humble beginnings, when conferences were held on web forums or Internet bulletin boards that merely supported basic text communication. Even graphics and other data could not be shared with others back then. Today, however, web conferencing applications commonly have all kinds of advanced features, from Internet voice calling to video, although text-only chatting is still an available function.

Let us now look at the ways in which web conferencing can be used for communication in business.

The key communication feature of web conferencing is the use of a shared screen. Basically, during a web conference, all participants will see the same visuals on their screen at the same time—the visuals on the screen of the person acting as the presenter for the moment. This feature enables the presenter to show information visually to the participants as if everybody was sitting together in one room.

Visual presentations in web conferencing must be accompanied by verbal communication. Until recently, this generally meant an ongoing telephone conference over long-distance lines at the same time as the web conference. This often proves quite expensive. But today, web conferencing applications usually integrate VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, which allows people to make cheap international voice calls over the Internet instead of having to access long-distance networks. This is a major benefit, since you will be able to trim down the costs of a typical client conference that may last several hours.

Web conferencing also involves communication between the participants’ computers, which means that such functions as file sharing and application sharing are made possible. With application sharing, the group can collectively run a program on a remote computer.

Web conferencing is provided by various vendors, who offer it as a service hosted on a web server, at various price packages. It is also available as web conferencing software that can be installed and hosted on your company’s web server. What product you choose ultimately depends on what your specific communication needs are, as well as the costs of the provided features.