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Limitless Use of Audio on Your Website

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Break the silence of the internet on your website by using audio! Your business prospects will be drawn to your site due to its creativity and personal touch. If you search your competition's websites, they will all have one thing is common. Silence. It is so common on the internet but we all are surprised when we hear music or a person's voice. Why is that? We have all been conditioned to hear nothing while researching business websites.

Break the mold and blaze a trail in your industry. Be the first to use audio on your home business website. Audio can be added to your site with the most basic html skills and knowledge of using some very user-friendly software.

Here are a couple ideas of how you can incorporate audio onto your website. Build client trust and credibility through audio testimonials from your previous clients. Testimonials carry a lot more weight, credibility, and persuasion when a live person other than yourself is sharing the benefit of using your product or service.

Many businesses utilize 1-800 numbers for 24 hour recorded messages that customers can call to hear an explanation of your product or service. Many people still have dial-up internet service and are unable to call your recorded message while viewing your website as the internet must disconnect for you to use the telephone. Place an audio button on your website so customers can read your website while listening to your recorded message.

As you may have heard, on the internet content is king. Perhaps you are not as skilled at writing text copy as you are at an oral presentation. Supplement your text copy with an audio sales presentation that automatically turns on when a visitor to your site opens the page. Incorporating music loops and fading will draw your customers to your presentation and give them a reason to stay on your site rather than exiting to another site. Tying together your written text and audio sales copy will make you the content king!

Incorporating the above mentioned audio techniques into your home business website will make your sales multiply and establish you as the credible source in your field of business.

Michael Smith is a former youth pastor, church planter, and now is an emerging internet marketing specialist. His primary online business is in the wholesale travel industry with Lifetime Coastal Vacations Michael has built his business around a "no-hype" philosophy and an emphasis on sharing his knowledge and resources to help those who work with him to find success in their home businesses.

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