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Seven Golden Tips For Your Website

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  1. Planning. When you decide to have a web site, you must have focused exactly what you wish to accomplish with it. Having a detailed plan about what you want to do, before starting, will help you to achieve your goals.
  2. Contents. Usually you read (or hear) that “content is king”. There is nothing more real than this. If you want to achieve your goal, whatever it is, write original content and you will be rewarded.
  3. Web Design. The right design influence the user’s behaviour. The design must be right for your website and must be studied. When a user first enter into your web-site there is a moment, just one, called “hang or click”, when the user decide to hang around or click away. We have just that moment to keep the user. Use it at best!
  4. Involve your users. Involve your users, keep their attection live, invite him to write his comments, his thought. They are absolutely important. That’s the web 2.0 .
  5. User’s behaviour. Your site start to be visited, users hang around it, visit it, read your contents. It is fundamental that you can track exactly what they do into your web site, which is the enter page and which will be the exit one. Studying user’s behaviour will help you to give your customers exactly what they want.
  6. A bit of promotion. You have several ways to promote your web site: search engines, email marketing, blogs, forums. Study the best way to do it and remember do not spam!
  7. Maintenance. A web site require constant updating, freshening, graphical restyling. Look after your web site like a child.