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Keyword Research Tips - The Difference Between Word Tracker & Yahoo Keyword Suggestion Tool

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In order to find profitable niche markets, use search engine optimization, and set up pay per click advertising campaigns you need to search for popular keywords and find out statistics using keyword research tools.

Because the Yahoo Keyword Suggestion Tool is free most people decide to use it for their keyword research but its not as accurate as Word Tracker.

This is because many rank checkers and bid management tools search Yahoo to find their results and this causes the numbers to be artificially inflated, especially for popular keywords, which can give the impression that some keywords are more popular than they actually are.

It also does not separate plural and singular versions of keywords so you will need to manually add plural versions because they are used separately and give different results when you search for them using most search engines.

If you want accurate results and detailed statistics you should consider using a more advanced keyword research tool called Word Tracker which has many essential features which will save you a lot of time and effort.

The most useful feature will provide you with a list of similar keywords that bear any relation to your search query. These keywords are worth targeting and many will turn out to be very profitable.

There is also a competition search that will help you find keywords with less competition which are easier to achieve high rankings for, allowing you to gain more traffic for less work.

Word Tracker is an invaluable tool for your search engine optimization plan and pay per click advertising campaign and it will make your research a lot easier while giving you an advantage over everyone who uses the Yahoo Keyword Suggestion Tool.

There is actually a free keyword research tool provided by Digital Point that will search both Word Tracker and Yahoo Keyword Suggestion Tool together and show the results side by side so that you can clearly see the difference between the two.

Digital Point Keyword Suggestion Tool:

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