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Opt In E-Mail Marketing – Some Techniques That Really Work

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Opt in e-mail marketing can be an incredibly lucrative area of online income for those who truly apply themselves to learning it. Opt in e-mail marketing is not something that you can just jump into blind, you literally have to learn how to do it. You need to learn to write e-mail title, and email content, and how to get the maximum number of e-mail readers to open your e-mails and click through from your e-mails.

In this article, I simply give you a few of the optimal techniques about opt in e-mail marketing that work for me, and I am confident that if you apply these to your own e-mail campaigns, you should be able to super charge your own e-mail campaigns.

Tips to super charge your opt in e-mail marketing:

1) To super charge your opt in e-mail marketing, invest in a copy writing course for writing sales letters. Now, your e-mails should not read like sales copy, but many of the tips and skills that you learn for writing compelling sales copy will apply to writing compelling e-mail copy.

2) To super charge your opt in e-mail marketing, begin testing everything you do in your e-mail marketing campaign. This is highly important. You see, a great subject line that works well for my list might not work for a very similar list of yours, due to the difference in the recruiting technique of your opt in e-mail marketing campaign. You must test to see what works better with your e-mail list, and then you can reuse those subject lines in the future, and discard ones that are less effective.

3) To super charge your opt in e-mail marketing, give away free gifts. And the free gifts, by the way, should be things you could have sold, but chose to give away. Do not give away garage-sale trash, give away the good stuff.

4) To super charge your opt in e-mail marketing, ask your subscribers what they want to receive from you. They will tell you what they want to learn about, and they will spend more with you if they receive offers from you that they are eagerly looking for.

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