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Opt In Direct Email Marketing – How to Succeed

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Opt In Direct Email Marketing – How to Succeed

Opt in direct email marketing is the action of using email marketing to its fullest, directly contacting willing subscribers who have opted in to your email list at some time in the past.

Opt in direct email marketing is probably one of the best ways to create a long term income online, and I think that sometimes new marketers start building their list far too late in the game because they are too interested in making the quick buck. It takes a few months generally to start making much money online anyway, so you might as well do it right from the very beginning.

So how to you use opt in direct email marketing to become wildly successful online?

1) Put an opt in email box on every web page you have

2) Create a squeeze page (a web page designed just to collect email addresses and names via an opt in email box) and use it for all your marketing

3) Learn to write opt in email marketing copy. This is a skill that has to be learned. Study sales copy, buy a sales copy course or an email writing course. Read the course, then practice the course. Write out some of the emails by hand. This exercise will be well worth your time. You simply must master the art of writing emails id you are going to succeed in opt in direct email marketing.

4) You must track every email title and content you send out for open rates, click through rates, and purchase rates, to be most effective at opt in email marketing.

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