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Spam Solving - An Endless War - Will You Win Or Loose

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There are now over 1 BILLION internet users worldwide, this is one vast market for spammers to force their wares on to you. And numbers are growing.

Email is a fast and cheap system to communicate with a vast audience, and whilst it remains so spammers will continue to use this medium to sell products and services.

The receipt of emails should in theory be opt in - if I ask for information, to be added to a list or ask a question or some other request I should expect an answer. To be approached by email without my approval is an infringement of my privacy, and causes me to waste time and money dealing with these unwelcome approaches.

I do NOT want to receive dozens, perhaps hundreds of emails a day from people or firms I do not know, but how do I stop it?

Well let's look at the options;

Legislation - well it worked well for drugs so why not spam? If the rewards and profits are there people will always break the law, plus you have to catch the lawbreakers, succeed in court and perhaps your success may deter some others from doing it. Spam is international so legal methods are complex and costly and in our view are only PART of the solution when fighting spam.

Install anti-spam software on your computer - why should you? it costs money and takes up massive resources checking each item of email against good and bad lists - plus the time it takes you or your staff to continually update information. The more spam you get and the longer you have been controlling spam the worse it gets. What percentage of all your mail is spam? 3 spam and 1 genuine email is still 75% spam even though 4 emails is not that many. OK you may have only 25% spam but if you get 400 items of email a day 100 of them are spam and that is far too many - get the message?

Use an ISP who has anti-spam filers - easier said than done, at best these services delete OBVIOUS spam but cannot personalise their spam reduction service to each user, so at best can only be PART of a spam detection and deletion service. Those few ISPs who offer a more personalised spam control feature involve you in regular updating and checking, usually online.

Would you answer your doorbell to a hundred callers a day, each one uninvited and selling stuff you do not want and have no interest in it, inc porno and drugs?

So why accept spam?


Email helps spammers as it is a MASS medium as well as cheap, and this gets better as the number of email users increases and technology gets faster and cheaper - spam can only INCREASE, potentially at least while we have the internet, we will have spam. Spam is electronic so is highly mobile between locations and countries so can evade detection easily for a long time.

Spammers do it automatically - a simple computer program working to a set of instructions and rules - sending thousands of emails an hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from thousands of locations across the world. 30 billion spam emails a day that’s an AVERAGE of 30 spam mails for EVERY USER - EVERY DAY.

Bouncing mail back at them or sending them messages is USELESS they often appear to send email FROM an address which does NOT EXIST or they use other peoples emails - your email could appear as a spam sender and you receive BOUNCED EMAILS AS A RESULT - not strictly spam as such but a nuisance just the same.

Spammers continue to change and evolve, a sort of moving target - so are hard to identify and even harder to catch. Spam Solution is likened to a well trained army, well hidden, but alert and well armed - spammers are caught unawares, their quest to reach you with their message is wasted, their efforts useless.

For the foreseeable future we cannot stop or even slow down SPAM FLOW, so we must fight it, and this need not be costly or complicated, just better email and web site better practices.

And finally

Maurice Clarke is founding owner of Spam Solution dedicated to expand its fight against spammers. Offering a wide range of guides on email control and spam issues have led us to become a major force in the fight against spam. If you found this article useful please tell a friend about it and us.

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