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How To Find What Sells On Ebay

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One of the most important things you can do when starting an ebay business is to sell what people are buying, that seems stupid doesn't it, you're probably thinking "Well of course I'm going to sell what people are buying!", the fact is that most people don't actually KNOW what people are buying, they just guess and hope they are right.

Do not make this mistake, do not think that just because in your opinion a product is good and you think it will sell that it actually will sell, you must know for a fact it will sell or you may find yourself wasting a lot of time and money on your business.

Here are a few ways to find out what sells on ebay:

Watch specific seller's auctions - Many of the sellers on ebay sepcialize in one specific area, for example, one person might only sell a brand of clothing and another might sell candles for the majority of their income, well, just by watching these sellers you can find out if certain products sell well and just how well they sell.

Take note of what products someone sells, how many auctions they put up a week or even a day if you like, keep track of how many sales they make a week, work out how much it costs them to list their auctions and how much their products sell for, these things will give you a clear understanding of just how much certain products sell and how profitable they are.

Regularly check the finished auctions section - Ebay has an excellent feature in which they allow you to look over the previously listed and finished auctions over a specific period of time and they will even tell you if they sold, how many they sold, how much they sold for and many more very valuable details that you can make use of.

I suggest you check this section often and after a while you should have a really great idea of what is selling on ebay regularly and what the big profits are being made on.

If you have a product that you know will sell then you are at an immediate advantage as you have something that ebayers want, therefore you sell it to them. There are many, many great products that sell well on ebay, if you want to get started as a seller, find out what sells and start selling it.

Get started now and profit tomorrow.

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