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eBay Scammers Up The Ante On You

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I am surprised that there are so many new scams on eBay these days. It seems that everyday I get at least one or two new invitations to fork over my userid, password or credit card info.

It is as if the scammers think that I actually am that stupid. Well, as my husband is fond of saying, "I may have been born yesterday... but I was up all night". There is very little that you can get past me now as far as an eBay scam goes. But recently I was caught in a very subtle scam that was very clever.

It was designed to, of course get information from me that I did not want anyone to get. I was sent a message that appeared to come from someone with whom I was involved in a transaction.

The message had the distinctive look of an eBay email message with the yellow "RESPOND HERE" button off to the right. The message was very cryptic, which I later realized was designed to be evocative and get me to click on the response button. The message merely said "I've sent the payment through Paypal when are you going to ship my item?" it included a link with the item number.

I clicked on the item number thinking that it would take me to the eBay item that I was selling, which the buyer had paid for and was waiting to be shipped.

Instead I was taken to an eBay sign-in screen, which seemed a little different but I went ahead and signed in using my eBay sign-in id and password.

I went on from there to research the item the buyer was looking for.

The next morning I awoke and went to check my auction and saw that in addition to the items I was legitimately selling on eBay, was an auction for a Porsche. It looked as if this Porsche was an auction that I was running. I immediately contacted eBay and they were able to determine that the auction was fraudulent. They promptly cancelled the auction.

I was told, by the eBay Customer Service rep, that there would be less likelihood that this kind of hijacking of my account, could occur if I were to use the eBay Toolbar. The eBay toolbar is a piece of software that you download and attach to your browser which has security included with it that makes it more difficult for someone send a message through that looks like it’s from eBay when it’s not.

I may in the future download it, but I currently have 3 toolbars on the top of my browser, and really don't want another level of "protection" up there right now.

I am still shaking my head over my naiveté. I consider myself a real eBay professional, after all I have been trading on the site for well over 5 years, so getting caught by a scammer was a real surprise.

It really showed me that the hackers and the scammers always bring their “A Game”...everyday; I better be sure and bring mine.

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