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  1. Expansion to support posting in unlimited number of ffa pages.
  2. Support of all basic fields demanding more than 95% of ffa pages to add our url.
    Support of all ffa pages demanding the following fields:(all or some) title, url, section, description, email and name.
    (Submission forms of supported ffa pages must use the above field names in the input tag:
    <>, name=url, name=section...
    Additionally the ffa pages naming category the section in input tag are supported.
    Given that 95% of ffa pages ask for the fields: title, url, section, email we believe the script covers the majority of them assuming they accept automatic submissions.
    The supported section values (in submission form) are asked by the majority of ffa pages (in fact these values can be any of your choice).
  3. Very easy updating of data files with new urls for posting and erasure of outdated urls to ensure submissions success. The updating of the submission database is done exclusively by you and enables you to manage it as you wish.
  4. Capability to send Submission reports so that the users are able to view the sites they submitted.
  5. Capability to include advertising messages in each submission report assisting you to effectively promote your website on the Web.
  6. Capability to correlate different advertising messages with each data file so that you can promote more products and services.
  7. Three different submission outputs and capability to present the side responses from each submission in the ffa sites. This enables you to know the percentage success of each submission and to easily find and remove the outdated urls.
  8. Capability to restrict direct script access to stop others from installing a mirror form in another site and use your script to offer a similar service free of charge.
  9. Capability to restrict the use of our service from certain users especially when we want to use the script to offer a free submission service. These users could be those that provide autoresponder as an e-mail address. As a result they do not accept the submission report and instead they fill your mailbox with their e-mail messages every time they use the service.
  10. Capability to add a second e-mail field in our form so that we can send the submission report asking not to be an autoresponder.
  11. Capability to assign which fields of our form will be required to do the submission and also the maximum length of chars which will accept the field: title and description.
  12. Capability to add an advertising banner plus two lines of related text to appear in every output page of the script.
  13. Capability to allow only one submission per user. Checking is done using the ip.
  14. Capability to keep full log files with all the data submitted from our service.
  15. Detailed Setup Guide.
  16. The script is accompanied by data files that can submit your url successfully to over 1500 ffa sites. (Linkstation posting database). In other words you have a promotional tool that can be used to directly promote your site, products and services.

Mega FFA Submitter it is designed to support unlimited data files with urls for posting to ffa pages.

This solution was chosen to overcome the inability of many servers to complete posting procedures when the stack of requests was too large. So the number of urls included in each file depends on the capability of the server which the script was installed on.

For instance we can use as an example the beta script that we installed in our server for testing purposes containing only one database file with more than 700 urls since our server allows it.

In the Free Submission Service we offer in the following address: we have created separate datafiles with urls for posting. Each one contains about 80 to 100 urls.

The script installation is very easy and you will find no difficulties if you have already installed any other perl script on your server.

Nevertheless if you find it difficult to install the script, we can install it for you for a small fee and hand it over ready to go. (on the condition your server meets the requirements -
for this you have to contact your server administrator). Also it is necessary that you supply us with ftp access.

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