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Direct execution of the script from your pc.

It is a modified script version which does not use auxillary files and can be executed to do submissions in ffa sites directly from your pc.

The script execution speed and the completion of the submission process depends on the speed of your ip connection.

There is usually no restriction in the number of urls for posting you can include in the script especially if the pc memory is sufficient. It is advisable to avoid excessive numbers. You can gradually increase the number of urls for posting as long as there are no problems observed.

The urls for posting are written in the script body with a special variable in which you can add new urls or delete the outdated ones.

The same applies to the submission record, namely, the data to be posted to the ffa sites. They have to be declared in special variables of the script that are designed accordingly.

You have the choice of listing the submission output in an html file to check the results of the incoming submissions.

To enable the script execution you must firstly install Active Perl for win32. You can download a free copy from the address below:

After installing ACTIVE PERL, access the directory in which you have stored the script and execute it using:


from the dos command line.

It is not necessary to wait for the script execution to be completed. You can minimize the dos window and wait for completion. Meanwhile you can use any other programs.

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